Store Setup

After signing up or login for the first time or the user who doesn’t have shop configured, will be presented with a create shop section. User can add multiple shops.

Create Store

Click on the Create a new store button.

After clicking > Create A New Store Button.

Here admin will find a button called login with Facebook. Admin will click on the button and login to the Facebook.

Login to the Facebook (1)
Click continue as username (2)

Click on continue button this action will take the admin to the page where all the pages of that Facebook account will be shown.

Select Page

Select the page and click on the next button.

Allow The Permissions

Admin will set the permissions that Bikri will be allowed to do and click on the done button.

Bikri is linked to Fcaebook

Admin will on the ok button, after that admin will find the Facebook page in the page list. Now when there is a Facebook page click on the page to setup a store.

Data required to setup a store

  1. Facebook Page

  2. Page Name

  3. Email Address

  4. Phone Number

  5. Store Category &

  6. Store Description

(All of these can be received if page manage access is received).

Click on the save store button & now admin will see the store.

Click on > The Store