For placing an order admin will click the order option from the menu bar. By clicking on the button admin will find the page below.


  • Order ID

  • Customer Name


  • Export Order

Empty > Order Table

For creating an order admin must fill out the mandatory fields. They are given below:

  • Select Product*

  • Discount

  • Notes

  • Additional Charges

  • Already Paid

  • Delivery Date

  • Search Customer*

Create Order (1)

Select product & customer are the mandatory fields that admin have to fill up before placing an order.

Create Order (2)

After filling up all the mandatory fields admin will click on the post this order button this action will take the admin to the order table page where that order will be recorded.

Order Table

Order table will contain the following fields:

  • Shopper Name

  • Order Id

  • Order Status

  • User Address

  • Delivery By

  • Created By

  • Order Details

    • Product Information

    • Payment Information

    • Other Information

  • Track Order

    • Confirmed

    • Packaged

    • Picked

    • Delivering

    • Delivered

  • Delete Order

Order Status > New

After creating an order initially Order Status will be New, Created By field will show the admin name who have created that order. For example, here order id 259 is created by page admin Charles and the order satus is new.

Order Status > New [Order Details View]

After clicking on order details admin will be able to see product information, payment information & other information.

Order Status Filter

  • New

  • Packaged

Delivery By > Bikri

Admin can filter order status according to the order condition. When Delivery partner is Birki new & package these two order status will be provided in the filter option.

Delivery By > N/A

When admin is not using Bikri as their delivery partner order status filter will be new, packaged & delivery.

Track Order

Admin can track any order by the order tracker option.

Track Order filters are given below:

  • Confirmed : When order is created status will be confirmed.

  • Packaged : When order is packaed status will be packaged.

  • Picked : When order is picked status will be picked.

  • Delivering : When order is delivering status will be delivering.

  • Delivered : When order is delivered status will be delivered.