Add Product

Steps for adding products to the inventory are given below:

  • Click on the Add Product button.

Preview of inventory
After clicking > Add Product button
  • Fill-up the general information part:

    • Product Name*

    • Product Code (Optional / System will auto generate product-code)*

    • Product Details

    • Upload Image

  • Fill-up the detailed information part:

    • Price

    • Stock

    • Tags

    • Category

    • Collection

Product > No Product Variant

If the product has no product variant admin will just click the Add Inventory button and product will be added to the inventory.

When product has variants admin will the product variant button.

  • Fill-up the additional information part:

    • Product Variant

      • Size

      • Color

Product > with Product Variant

After giving the size & color of the product variant admin will find a table that has formed according to the number of size & color of the product variant.

This table will contain the following fields:

  • Image

  • Code (system will auto generate variant code)*

  • Color

  • Size

  • Price &

  • Stock

For example, mobile cover size is Apple iPhone XS, Apple iPhone X & Apple iPhone 8Plus is the size of the product and colors are gold & silver. Then admin will find a table where size and color of the product is present. Admin will set the image, price and stock row and click the add inventory button.

Edit Product

After adding the product to the inventory admin will find all the products in a table with the following fields:

Inventory Table
  • Name: This column will contain the name of the product.

  • Code: This column will contain the product code.

  • Sale Price: This column will contain the sales price (by default zero).

  • Stock: This column will contain the stock of the product. Stock update options are add up, reduce, change to & infinity admin can choose any of the option to update the product stock.

  • Action: This column will help the admin to edit any particular row.