Product order can be created from conversion between admin and user. Those who have knocked the page through messenger their conversation will be automatically recorded here.

Admin can choose user status. They are :

  • All

  • Clean

  • Cart

  • Ordered

  • Delivered

  • Paid

Admin can create user tag from here not more then four tag can be created for one user.

Order Details

In this section, admin can directly communicate with the user and create product orders from the conversation between them.

Select Products

Once user conforms the product then admin will create order by selecting that particular product.

Conversation Assignment

When the page have multiple admins who manages the page as well as replied to customer's queries things might get confusing for them. Here, is the solution admins can assign themselves to the converstion.

Assign Admin > Customer Conversation.

In the begining of the conversation there will be no picture beside the chat log, by clicking on the empty admin icon a drop down list will appear which will show all the admins of that page.

From the above picture one can see that each conversation have admins picture which will help the them to keep track of which admin is handelling which customers request, by hoveing on the admins picture their name will pop-up.